New vacancies!

Hi everyone,

As mentioned before, we have been working in some stuff behind the scenes. For now, we can’t say much more. Anyway, some news are about to come out soon.

Firstly, we are restructuring our team. As a part of this, we are looking for designers (graphic designers) to join our team, as well as programmers.

Following our changes and new ideas, we set as a preference people from UK (will be even better people in London).

If you are interested, please send an e-mail so we can talk further:


I am VERY HAPPY to announce kuki linux’s first birthday!

I am VERY HAPPY to announce kuki linux’s first birthday!

In all of the team member’s name i want to say a HUGE  THANK YOU! Yesterday (21st of October) was kuki’s 1st year online.

We have been working in some stuff behind the scenes, but development has slowed down a lot.

This is due to vw72′s and me being with some real life issues to attend at the moment.

We are really unable to do anything about these at the moment, and hopefully will eventually resume our devel.

Please post any reply to this on the specific topic on our forums.

Thank you all once again, and have a nice kuki :p

*Post edited to correct dumb formatting from safari browser and macosx… (yeah i am a macosx noob… :) )*

Thank you Jack for warning me :)

Forum News

Dear members and visitors,

We appologise for the recent downtime that was due to a failed harddrive in our server.

As you will have noticed, we are moving to a new forum. A more complete, easy and full featured forum. We would also like to draw your attention to the oldforum, it is still there at, the new forum will be at

Unfortunately we cant migrate the users and posts so you will need to register again on the new forum when it is up and working. We are still changing some things at the new forum but it should be up next friday.

Thanks for your continuous support, you guys are the ones who make this distribution big!

UPDATENew Forum is open and running :)

Kernel 2.6.31-rc9-kuki-20090919 Released!

The Kuki Linux Team is pleased to announce a new kernel release. Besides all of the changes to the kernel that were made by the official kernel developers ( between rc7 and rc9, This kernel adds the following support:
–dm_crypt – for those using encrypted files systems;
–Lguest guest support – for those running virtual sessions;
–kernel performance counters;
–updated acderhdf to version 0.5.17;
–and a few more wireless devices.

If you are using the kernel that shipped with Kuki Linux 2.8 and are needing any of the above features, then you should upgrade (or if you want our latest kernel :) ). The kernel and headers are available on our Downloads page.


DistroWatch Listing

Hi all!

We are excited to say that distrowatch has decided to list us in their official list.

We want to thank all of you who use kuki linux and also distrowatch people for this honour.

Keep checking our website, news will continue to come up :)



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