DistroWatch Listing

Hi all!

We are excited to say that distrowatch has decided to list us in their official list.



We want to thank all of you who use kuki linux and also distrowatch people for this honour.

Keep checking our website, news will continue to come up :)



7 Responses to “DistroWatch Listing”

  1. eddard says:

    Congratulations! You guys deserve it. Kuki is great!

  2. muadib says:

    One big step for Kuki :p

  3. says:

    Congratulations everyone! That’s really kukilicious! xD

  4. leak says:

    Thank you everyone, once again :D

  5. Lefty says:

    Guys, guys, guys. Dist looks great and all, but do you know what kuk means in Swedish? Means co*k. The domain name makes it even more fun. :)

    (Slightly edited to be suitable for all audiences, original content was maintained, hope you don’t mind lefty :) ) – leak

    • leak says:

      we do lefty :) we do now heh

  6. oxiii says:

    Hi!Thanks to you and your kuki distro!!!=))) Evrything is working goood!