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BOLO DE BOLACHA (portuguese cookie cake)


2 packs of Maria Biscuits (Maria is a portuguese cookie brand, they are simple cookies, the most simple you can buy :P )
2 cups of butter softened
2 cups of powdered sugar
1 egg
strong coffee


Mix butter and sugar until creamy, add the egg and beat until well incorporated. Set aside.

Start dipping the cookies one at a time in the coffee, don’t let them sit in there long, just a quick dip, then place on the serving plate in the shape of a flower.

Do one layer of cookies, then spread a thin layer of the butter cream mixture.

Repeat layers as high as you want to go. I used one and half packs of the Maria cookies.

Cover the whole cake with the remaining butter cream mixture.

Take some of the remaining cookies and crumble them on top.

It’s best when it’s cold so make sure to keep it refrigerated…..ENJOY!

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Thanks sis!
NEXT PROJECT: KUKI TIRAMISSU( something like this )

Cooking a Kuki Cookie -2º and final try

Kuki + Logo


Kuki + Logo + Flash



Kuki + Logo + Cookies



Lets see if i can make bake more next weekend :) i need practice hehe ok sister helped :p

Cooking a Kuki Cookie -1º try

Hey ppl! :)

I am trying to bake a nice Kuki Cookie :( 1º try didnt went very well as you can see but the good news are that i am making more. hehe I am not a real baker so..

I will publish a new post really soon..with the others tries :)