BOLO DE BOLACHA (portuguese cookie cake)


2 packs of Maria Biscuits (Maria is a portuguese cookie brand, they are simple cookies, the most simple you can buy :P )
2 cups of butter softened
2 cups of powdered sugar
1 egg
strong coffee


Mix butter and sugar until creamy, add the egg and beat until well incorporated. Set aside.

Start dipping the cookies one at a time in the coffee, don’t let them sit in there long, just a quick dip, then place on the serving plate in the shape of a flower.

Do one layer of cookies, then spread a thin layer of the butter cream mixture.

Repeat layers as high as you want to go. I used one and half packs of the Maria cookies.

Cover the whole cake with the remaining butter cream mixture.

Take some of the remaining cookies and crumble them on top.

It’s best when it’s cold so make sure to keep it refrigerated…..ENJOY!

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Thanks sis!
NEXT PROJECT: KUKI TIRAMISSU( something like this )

8 Responses to “BOLO DE BOLACHA (portuguese cookie cake)”

  1. hagisbasheruk says:

    Why is this on the front page ?
    I should login and delete it but i am busy :P

    • leak says:

      well..its on the frontpage because of wp.
      Guess you could delete if you just had the permissions for it ;)

  2. hagisbasheruk says:

    Front page should be for news Leak

    • muadib says:

      hagisbasheruk we almost had a front page only about kernel updates..that inst

  3. zorofroozo says:

    muadib has been doing this since the beginning:)
    It’s just fun. Our distro is named kuki. So we bake cookies …

    This is an opensource project, we are not going to lose sympathy by posting some fun news once in a while.

  4. WelshPixie says:

    For an OS that names its distros stuff like ‘Jaunty Jackalope’ and has icons of penguins in various fun and amusing escapades, I think it’s perfectly in keeping with the light-hearted nature of Linux to have distro-related recipes on the front page :) As your average-jo user I actually found it quite refreshing to click to the home page of a new distro after chuckling quietly to myself that it’s called Kuki, to find a cookie-cake recipe here to greet me rather than a sea of technical whatnots ^.^

    Anyway… I’ve recently set up a blog with a few friends that I’ll be using to try to encourage people to make the Linux switch (or at least try it out), and one of the first articles is about alternatives for Linpus on the Acer Aspire One, in which I have featured your distro.

    It’s a pretty small site so far but hopefully you’ll get at least a few clicks from it.

    Thanks for making Kuki – it looks very promising and certainly better (tastier?) than Linpus!

    - Pixie

  5. Mr-Manor says:

    “Maria is a portuguese cookie brand”

    Are you sure it is not worldwide? The do look a lot like the ones we bye as “Marie kiks”

    • Mr-Manor says:

      In Denmark that is.