Kernel 2.6.31-rc9-kuki-20090919 Released!

The Kuki Linux Team is pleased to announce a new kernel release. Besides all of the changes to the kernel that were made by the official kernel developers ( between rc7 and rc9, This kernel adds the following support:
–dm_crypt – for those using encrypted files systems;
–Lguest guest support – for those running virtual sessions;
–kernel performance counters;
–updated acderhdf to version 0.5.17;
–and a few more wireless devices.

If you are using the kernel that shipped with Kuki Linux 2.8 and are needing any of the above features, then you should upgrade (or if you want our latest kernel :) ). The kernel and headers are available on our Downloads page.


3 Responses to “Kernel 2.6.31-rc9-kuki-20090919 Released!”

  1. aggman says:

    I would like to compile my own kernel from the same sources used for 2.6.31-rc9-kuki-20090919.
    The question is:
    Where can I find and download those sources?

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  2. aggman says:

    And I mean the whole kernel tree.

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  3. vw72 says:

    The 2.6.31-rc9-kuki kernel was built from the ubuntu source using git to check it (the source) out.

    If you are not trying to build a kernel that will boot from an install cd, I would suggest downloading the official 2.6.31 kernel source from

    Any Ubuntu patches that were accepted, will be included in the official kernel. However, to be able to build an actual kernel that could boot a live cd, you would either need the ubuntu source or add the aufs patch that is in the Ubuntu repository.

    Finally, the official 2.6.31 kernel has acerhdf 0.5.16. This should work fine for most users, however, since Kuki Linux is helping the developer of acerhdf to debug some issues, our kernel has 0.5.17 (you can download 0.5.17 from the acerhdf site and copy it over the acerhdf.c file in the kernel tree).

    My recommendation would be to use the source.


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