Forum News

Dear members and visitors,

We appologise for the recent downtime that was due to a failed harddrive in our server.

As you will have noticed, we are moving to a new forum. A more complete, easy and full featured forum. We would also like to draw your attention to the oldforum, it is still there at, the new forum will be at

Unfortunately we cant migrate the users and posts so you will need to register again on the new forum when it is up and working. We are still changing some things at the new forum but it should be up next friday.

Thanks for your continuous support, you guys are the ones who make this distribution big!

UPDATENew Forum is open and running :)

2 Responses to “Forum News”

  1. Jack Vermicelli says:

    Aw. The old forum had character. Cute, not business-y and sterile.

    • muadib says:

      I also like the old forum but with is lack of feature is impossivel to work.