Kernel 2.6.31-rc9-kuki-20090919 Released!

The Kuki Linux Team is pleased to announce a new kernel release. Besides all of the changes to the kernel that were made by the official kernel developers ( between rc7 and rc9, This kernel adds the following support:
–dm_crypt – for those using encrypted files systems;
–Lguest guest support – for those running virtual sessions;
–kernel performance counters;
–updated acderhdf to version 0.5.17;
–and a few more wireless devices.

If you are using the kernel that shipped with Kuki Linux 2.8 and are needing any of the above features, then you should upgrade (or if you want our latest kernel :) ). The kernel and headers are available on our Downloads page.


DistroWatch Listing

Hi all!

We are excited to say that distrowatch has decided to list us in their official list.

We want to thank all of you who use kuki linux and also distrowatch people for this honour.

Keep checking our website, news will continue to come up :)



“Kuki Linux 2.8 is out” video!


once again made by edgy, you can watch is youtube channel at:

Kuki 2.8 avaiable by torrent :)

Thats right! Now all our future releases will also be avaiable to download using BitTorrent. What is BitTorrent?

To download Kuki 2.8: (avaiable by BitTorrent and direct download :P )

Remy ( ) is our official seeder, he is seeding using his server connected to internet by 100mbps !! So the torrent download should be pretty fast. Thank you for your help Remy!

The tracker we use is thank you for providing the service!