Dear users.

I am very sad to announce a kuki linux halt in development for the time being.

The reasons for this are most unfortunate.

The two developers of kuki (myself and vw72) are currently facing serious “real-life” issues.

vw72 has recently faced a serious health problem and will not be developing kuki or even coming online for an unknown period of time. Let’s all hope he gets better fast!

And i am currently moving home for the 4th time in one year, unemployed and changing country for the third time in a 4 month time period. And also am facing a somewhat complicated stomach infection that needs a calm recovery because it’s derived from extreme stress.

The website / forums and all the rest will be up, maintained and all kuki’s kernel and distribution releases will also be kept for all of our user community.

We will be poping in now and then to check how things are going and you also can count on our other team members to help you out if needed. keep posting on the forums for any doubts that you have and surely answers will be given promptly by any of the moderators or even community members.

Let me also ask you all to avoid emailing vw72 as he needs time away from computer and reading through many emails and answering back would make this hard to obtain.

Any question or post relating to these news can be created on the forums.

Thank you all!

2 Responses to “IMPORTANT NEWS”

  1. 2manydjs says:

    Good luck to you! Hope you both recover soon.

  2. brunomalone says:

    Hope you get better soon!
    Thanks for your job and good luck with everything from Spain.