Some news.

Hello everyone,

I bet you are thinking we vanished into oblivion!

Nope!! Our team actually increased secretly and has been working a lot these days to make 3.0 final release come true.

Until that happens 1.8 beta will be available in the next days or so.

Also our chat has been fixed so it’s now easier to visit us.

We also are in need of a person that is confortable to maintain launchpad and help the project manager (yes we created a project manager to keep things tidy from now on hehe)

We want to see our support channel full again so please drop by and have a chat with us.

We will be there to give you support as usual, or check the forum and open a topic with your questions and you will surely be answered asap.

Also if you see you would be helpful to this project do send me an email.

This said i’ll be waiting to hear from you all! :)

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