New Kuki kernel available for download

We are pleased to announce that we have an updated kernel for Kuki available for download on our Downloads page. It is based on 2.6.30 and includes acerhdf for fan control, more complete ext4 support and some additional support for some 3G usb modems. There are also additional customizations for the hardware found in the Acer Aspire One, so you should see an improvement in speed utilization.

This kernel, does not have support for reiserfs, jfs or xfs, so if you use one of these file systems, you should not use this kernel.

Although this kernel appears to be very stable, and we don’t anticipate you having any problems with it, it should still be considered a “test” kernel.

Have fun and if you need help installing it, see the How To on the Downloads page.

Note: This kernel was compiled without the fuse module. If you need to mount an internal ntfs partion (or any others that rely on fuse), you will not be able to. The next kernel will have fuse re-enabled.


9 Responses to “New Kuki kernel available for download”

  1. Banny says:

    Will this kernel work on a regular install of Ubuntu on the AAO?

    • muadib says:

      Yes it will

  2. elmimmo says:

    Without forgetting that it ’should still be considered a “test” kernel’, how safe is it to install it on Kuki 3.0 RC 1.6?

    • muadib says:

      There is a new version, kuki preRelease 1.7 and at least for now (release more then 1 month ago) we didnt encounter any major problem.

      • elmimmo says:

        Yeah, the problem is that there is no upgrade path from 1.6 to 1.7, so I do not really feel like setting it all up again.

        So, can I install the new kernel even if I stay with 1.6 for the time being?

        • vw72 says:

          yes, you can. However, it would be better to install the latest kernel that was just released.

  3. vw72 says:

    Yes, this kernel should work on a regular Ubuntu install on the AAO and with Kuki 3.0 RC 1.6 installed on the AAO.

  4. Zorofroozo says:

    On my system,
    sound and fuse (needed for ntfs) don’t work

    there are also reports of the screen going out of sync and mplayer showing a blank screen only

    • Banny says:

      I had the same problem.