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Site and Forum upgrade

Hey bakers ;)

I have updated our site and forum to the latest release. I hope everything is working properly.

Please if you find any problem, error or make a suggestion please contact us!

Thank you!


Work on Kuki 3.0 Pre Release 1.7 Continues

After a delay caused by illness, work continues on Kuki 3.0 Pre Release 1.7!  Anticipation is a release within the next seven to ten days and it will incorporate bug fixes and some cleanup of code from the Pre Release 1.6.

Until then, if you have Pre Release 1.6 installed and the update manager suggests doing a partial distribution upgrade, don’t!  We’ve had reports of Kuki being left in an unbootable state by some users and we are working to resolve what the cause is.

Until then, keep the bug reports coming (and fixes, too)!



Contrary to some peoples thoughts we aren’t a dead project, we have just had site issues.

For general support please drop by our IRC room #kukilinux on, if that doesn’t make sense then simply click the Chat link on the top of the page and you’ll be taken straight into #kukilinux.

Our developers are currently working extremely hard to bring you the 3.0 final version of Kuki, working on bugs we’ve had reported to us after the release of our RC for testing. If you want to help out or find out more then we’ll be happy to field questions in the IRC room. Those to look out for are: haggisbasheruk, leak, RyanMc_, Syco4585, Sickboy and cwraig, if you are looking for information and help.

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