2.9 is in the oven :)

Hi all!

We have development ongoing on version 2.9 ;)

We also want to thank in all the team’s name the support our community is giving to us in this hard period!

Special thanks to these kind followers of the kuki project :

Samuel Müller

Kenneth Deken

Julien Négros

William Schafer

Frank Olieu

Gerolf Ziegenhain

Thanks guys! Your kind donations are being saved for kuki related matters! being it new hardware for development or hosting expenses!

Also, vw72 is still taking it slow because he is still sick, and i have finished yesterday my stomach treatment and will check for news soon from the doctor :)

Also big thanks go for our moderation team in our forums, you guys ROCK ;) without your HUGE effort this would not be possible at all :)

If any of the donators want their name removed from our site do email me please.

– leak