Site and Forum upgrade

Hey bakers ;)

I have updated our site and forum to the latest release. I hope everything is working properly.

Please if you find any problem, error or make a suggestion please contact us!

Thank you!


New support team member!

Hello all!

Zorofroozo has joined the kuki team.

We are happy that the team now can count on such a helpful member from the community!

Also some help offers have been received for kernel and document creation and are being discussed.

Answers have not been provided due to timezone and real life dificulties!

Soon more news.

Thank you everyone for the huge support.

Kuki showed up in a portuguese magazine! :D

It’s not a big widely known magazine but it has a considerable audience in my country (Portugal).

Anyway for those with patience to translate it or that are able to read Portuguese, I’m leaving you the direct link to the magazine of this month (we appear in page 10!)

Link to the main website :

Also if  any magazine or newspaper has released an article about kuki in your home country feel free to mail it to me as all the team would like to read it ;D (be it bad or good!)

Keep those help offers and user screenshots coming people ;)

People Request!

Hello all.

The kuki project is now reduced to 2 people for development and general support and one person for general support only.~

Being kuki developed in free time basis and due to the timezone differences, further advance on this project has been affected due to lack of participation of the rest of the team and the referred timezone differences between the two remaining developers.

So it is my job to request new people to join us.

we need : 

1 person with free time to install, test kuki and develop newbie proof FAQ’s and with good abilities on technical writing, that has enough time, patience and will to join us in this young project. (if you want to apply for this position send me an email with an example of the above. Being it a walk-through video or a tutorial.

1-3 general coders/scripters with good knowledge about linux internals, and with advanced shell scripting skills or perl or python (someone with gtk + coding experience is desirable ( to apply for this position you can send us a .deb or source file with an example program)

2-3 advanced linux users with A LOT of patience and willing to help real newbie users that have little to no linux experience and require help either setting up kuki or even general linux help, also you need to be really friendly. (to apply for this just show up in our official support channel and talk to me or one of the members and tell me/them you want to apply for the support team.)

I can be contacted through the usual ways either at my email leak at kuki dot me, or msn (same that email) or official channel usually between 9h30 am to 1 am GMT +0 timezone (greenwich).

I also want to say that due to timezone differences preference will be given users that live in a timezone not very different from mine as i need to be in contact with the team easily to discuss the project development.

A new kernel is also now available but for experienced users only. the old kernel can be downloaded at

To finish this announcement i also want to say that preference will also go to users that usually help but have not yet applied to the team (this is your chance!)

Thank you all and i hope you guys will help us grow this nice project.

p.s. thank you also for all those user screenshots. keep them coming ;)

We are so geeky :)

ASCII power!

A bit of Ascii fun :)

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