Show us your desktops!

Hi all!

We want to show everyone your aao’s running kuki personalized to match your taste!

Each person has individual ideas and preferences and so we want to see the outcome of kuki costumized by everyone who has it installed.

Feel free to send your screenshots to me and i will try to post all of them online!

Also some news :


We have read all your comments on what you want to see on future kernel releases and so we have already started to bake a new kernel for 3.0 final.

We are really going down to the detail for this release as we want it to look way more eye candy, fast and full of useful features.

So expect bluetooth support, 3g  and more :)

Also the package list is being reworked from the ground up so we can have even a better control over the next releases.

We also expect to deliver a smoother installation and some surprises :)


Don’t forget to send the screenshots to leak at kuki dot me


GFX Designer needed!

We need someone skilled in graphics.

Preference goes for a person with an eye for eye candy icons, wallpapers and general themes.

We need to improve our current logo and the general theme of kuki, grub, wallapers and icons.

Mail me or talk to me on our official channel #kukilinux  @ freenode

mail : leak at kuki dot me

Some news.

Hello all,


Development continues!

We are working on some nice features and even better compatibility in our kernel  as we are well aware that many users value the  Kuki kernel to get their AAO’s running smoothly. Even if they are not running Kuki Linux there is a tiny but important piece of it on their distros!

Im happy to see that more and more people come to see and test Kuki.

We had around 16.000 visits in one month!

People are using Kuki to help others, we have disabled users using Kuki to make their life easier, students using it, and professionals too!

So we want to thank everyone for their support and belief in such a young distribution.

We will continue to strive to provide you with something useful and is enjoyable to use.”

As i said we are improving the kernel right now, so please if you have 5 minutes to spare, click the link below and tell us what would you like to see supported in the kernel for you.

We will try to make it happen :)