Forum back online

The forum has been restored, tincluding all the old topics and posts, your usernames and passwords still apply and are both linked to the main website (allowing you to comment) and also the forum.

The new forum allows images to be used in posts, aswell as adding attatchments. Users also have signatures, avatars and can send personal messages to each other.

3 Responses to “Forum back online”

  1. wezzy says:

    That’s all nice and well, but you don’t seem able to post in the forum, or is that just me? Well nothing new has been posted and when I click “Add New” in the General Topic, nothing happens.
    Well, anyway I’m really excited about Kuki 3 rc2, do you have any time frame until it’s ready?

  2. Ryan says:

    That’s true, a bug i’ll fix quickly

  3. Ryan says:

    Okays, this issue is now fixed. Apologies to all who were affected.